10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 42. Ignorance is bliss



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Emma is a college student who always had a passion for learning about new things. She loved to read books and engage in discussions with her peers to expand her knowledge. However, one day, Emma stumbled upon a topic that shook her to the core. She read about the destruction of the environment and how human actions were causing irreversible damage to the planet. Emma felt overwhelmed with the magnitude of the problem and the helplessness that came with it. She began to question her lifestyle and her impact on the environment. Emma started to feel anxious and sad all the time. She found it difficult to enjoy the simple things in life, like hanging out with friends and pursuing her hobbies. Emma realized that her newfound knowledge had taken away her happiness. From then on, Emma decided to limit her exposure to negative news and focus on the positive aspects of life. She believed that ignorance was bliss and that knowing too much could sometimes be harmful. Emma learned that being aware of global issues is essential, but it's also important to balance it with positivity and joy in life.

Question 1:

What was Emma's passion?

Question 2:

What did Emma stumble upon that shook her to the core?

Question 3:

How did Emma feel after learning about the destruction of the environment?

Question 4:

What did Emma do to limit her exposure to negative news?

Question 5:

What did Emma learn from her experience?

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