10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 44. A picture is worth a thousand words



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Mary was a talented artist who loved to express herself through her paintings. She spent most of her time in her studio, creating beautiful pieces of art that captured her emotions and thoughts. One day, Mary was asked to create a painting for an upcoming art exhibition. She decided to paint a portrait of an elderly woman sitting alone in a park. The painting depicted the woman's sadness and loneliness, but also her resilience and strength. The painting received a lot of attention at the exhibition. Many people were moved by the emotions it conveyed. They could see the pain and suffering of the elderly woman, but also her hope and determination. Mary realized that her painting had spoken more than words ever could. She learned that sometimes, a single image can capture a thousand words. A picture has the power to communicate emotions, thoughts and ideas in a way that words cannot. Mary continued to create paintings that touched the hearts of many people, knowing that her art had the ability to speak volumes.

Question 1:

What was Mary's talent?

Question 2:

What did Mary paint for the upcoming exhibition?

Question 3:

How did the painting make people feel at the exhibition?

Question 4:

What did Mary learn from the exhibition?

Question 5:

How did Mary feel about the impact of her art?

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