10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 41. Two wrongs don't make a right



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There were two neighbors, Tom and Jack. They had been friends for years. But one day, they got into a disagreement over a property boundary. Tom believed that the fence between their properties was on his side, while Jack believed that it was on his side. They argued for days, each trying to prove that they were right. One day, Tom came home to find that Jack had torn down the fence and built a new one on what Tom believed was his property. Tom was angry and decided to get revenge. He waited until Jack was away from home and then vandalized Jack's car. The next day, Jack discovered the damage to his car and suspected that Tom was responsible. In retaliation, Jack vandalized Tom's house. The situation escalated. Tom and Jack realized that they had made a mistake only when the police got involved. They both realized that two wrongs don't make a right. They eventually resolved their property dispute and apologized to each other for their actions. They learned that it is better to solve a problem through peaceful means rather than seeking revenge, as two wrongs never make a right.

Question 1:

What did Tom and Jack realize after the police got involved?

Question 2:

How did Tom and Jack react when they realized their mistake?

Question 3:

What did Tom and Jack do to make up for their mistake?

Question 4:

What did Tom and Jack learn from their experience?

Question 5:

What was the proverb that relates to Tom and Jack's situation?

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