10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 38. Blood is thicker than water



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Lena and Lisa were two sisters who lived in a small village. They were very close to each other and always supported each other no matter what. One day, their father fell ill and was hospitalized. Lena and Lisa were very worried and visited their father every day at the hospital. As their father's health deteriorated, the sisters became more and more concerned. They both took time off work to take care of him and ensure that he had everything he needed. One day, their uncle visited the hospital and said that he would take care of their father. Lena and Lisa were surprised because they didn't know their uncle very well. However, their uncle insisted that he was family and it was his duty to take care of his brother. Lena and Lisa realized the true meaning of the proverb "Blood is thicker than water". They were grateful to have family members who supported and cared for each other. Despite their initial reservations, they trusted their uncle to take care of their father. In the end, their father recovered, and Lena and Lisa were thankful for their uncle's help. They learned that family is always there for you during tough times.

Question 1:

Who fell ill and was hospitalized?

Question 2:

What did Lena and Lisa do when their father's health deteriorated?

Question 3:

Who visited the hospital and offered to take care of their father?

Question 4:

What did Lena and Lisa realize about their family?

Question 5:

What did Lena and Lisa learn from the experience?

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