10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 35. Barking Dogs don't bite



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There was a boy named Tim who used to walk through a park on his way to school. One day, as he was passing by a house, he heard a dog barking ferociously. The dog was behind a fence and seemed very angry, so Tim became afraid. However, as he walked past the house, the dog did not come out of its fence and stopped barking. Tim felt relieved and realized that the saying "barking dogs don't bite" was true. From then on, whenever Tim passed by that house, he would walk confidently and ignore the dog's barking. He had learned not to be scared of dogs just because they bark loudly. Tim found out that the dog was a guard dog. The dog had been trained to bark at strangers to protect the house. The dog had never attacked anyone. Tim was glad that he had overcome his fear and learned the truth about the barking dog.

Question 1:

What did Tim realize about the saying "barking dogs don't bite"?

Question 2:

What did Tim do whenever he passed by the house after realizing that the barking dog wouldn't harm him?

Question 3:

What did Tim find out about the dog behind the fence?

Question 4:

Did the dog behind the fence ever attack anyone?

Question 5:

How did Tim feel after he learned the truth about the barking dog?

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