10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 23. The early bird catches the worm



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Maggie is a hardworking student. She understands the importance of being punctual. She always arrives early to her classes and studies diligently to get good grades. One day, her professor announced that there would be a scholarship for the student who gets the highest score on the final exam. Maggie knew that she had to be prepared for the exam, so she started studying early. She made a study plan and followed it strictly, putting in long hours of hard work. On the day of the exam, she arrived at the classroom 30 minutes early and took the time to review her notes. As the exam began, Maggie felt confident and well-prepared. She answered all the questions with ease and finished the exam before the allotted time. When the results were announced, Maggie had received the highest score and won the scholarship. Maggie learned an important lesson that day - the early bird catches the worm. By being punctual and starting her preparations early, she was able to achieve her goal. From then on, she made sure to always be early and well-prepared for any task she had to undertake.

Question 1:

What did Maggie's professor announce?

Question 2:

What did Maggie do to prepare for the final exam?

Question 3:

How early did Maggie arrive for her exam?

Question 4:

How did Maggie feel during the exam?

Question 5:

What lesson did Maggie learn from her experience?

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