10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 26. Better late than never



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There was a young girl named Sarah. She always dreamed of going to college. However, due to financial difficulties, she had to postpone her plans for several years. Sarah felt discouraged and thought she would never be able to achieve her dream. One day, Sarah's aunt offered to assist her in paying for her college tuition. At first, Sarah was hesitant because she felt like it was too late to start her college journey. But her aunt encouraged her and reminded her of the proverb "Better late than never". So Sarah decided to go back to school and pursue her dream of getting a college degree. She worked hard and studied diligently. Sometimes she stayed up late to finish her assignments. It wasn't always easy, but she persevered. Years later, Sarah graduated from college with honors. She realized that it's better to chase her dream later than not chase it at all.

Question 1:

What was Sarah's dream?

Question 2:

Why did Sarah postpone her college plans?

Question 3:

Who helped Sarah pay for her college tuition?

Question 4:

Was it easy for Sarah to pursue her dream of going to college?

Question 5:

What did Sarah realize after she graduated from college?

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