10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 1. All that glitters is not gold



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Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Lily. She was a simple girl who lived in a small village. One day, she saw a shiny necklace in a jewelry shop. The necklace was so beautiful. she couldn't take her eyes off it. She saved up her pocket money for months and finally had enough to buy the necklace. Excitedly, Lily went to the shop and bought the necklace. She wore it every day and felt very proud of it. However, after a few days, she noticed that the necklace was starting to lose its shine. It looked dull and old. She tried cleaning it, but it didn't work. She realized that the necklace was not real gold, but just a cheap imitation. Lily was very disappointed. She had spent all her savings on something that was not worth it. She realized that she had been fooled by the glitter of the necklace and had not paid attention to its quality. From that day on, Lily learned an important lesson that all that glitters is not gold. She understood that appearances can be deceiving, and it's important to look beyond the surface to discover the true value of things.

Question 1:

What did Lily see in the jewelry shop that caught her eye?

Question 2:

How did Lily feel after she bought the necklace?

Question 3:

What did Lily notice after a few days of wearing the necklace?

Question 4:

What did Lily realize about the necklace?

Question 5:

What did Lily learn from her experience?

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