Real English Conversation - 61 : Jewelry

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John: Wow, Emma, look at all these beautiful necklaces!

Emma: I know, John, they're all so shiny and pretty.

John: Do you think any of these would make a good gift for your mom's birthday?

Emma: Hmm, I think she would like something a little more subtle, maybe a simple pendant?

John: Good point. What do you think of this one?

Emma: I like it, but let's keep looking.

John: Okay, what about these bracelets? They're really unique.

Emma: I agree, they're very eye-catching.

John: I think I might get one for my sister. Which one do you think she would like?

Emma: Maybe the one with the blue stones. It would go well with her favorite dress.

John: You're right, she would love that. Thanks for your help, Emma.

Emma: No problem, John. Have you thought about what you're getting your mom for Mother's Day yet?

John: Not yet, any ideas?

Emma: Well, she loves earrings, and these ones over here are really classic and elegant.

John: That's a great suggestion. I think she would love them.

Question 1:

What kind of necklace does Emma suggest for a gift for her mom's birthday?

Question 2:

What color stones does Emma suggest for John's sister's bracelet?

Question 3:

What does Emma suggest for a Mother's Day gift for John's mom?

Question 4:

Who initiates the conversation about shopping for jewelry?

Question 5:

What is Emma's favorite kind of jewelry?

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