10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 72. It is better to give than to receive



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In a small village, there was a kind-hearted man named Jack. He always helped his neighbors and others in need. Jack had a small farm where he grew fruits and vegetables. He often share his produce with those in need. One day, a group of travelers passed through the village. They were really hungry and asked Jack for some food and water. Jack happily welcomed them to his home and shared his food and water with them. The travelers were grateful and thanked Jack for his kindness. A few days later, the travelers returned to the village and this time, they brought gifts for Jack. Jack was very surprised and asked why they brought him gifts. The travelers replied that they wanted to return the help they had received. From that day on, Jack continued to give to those in need, knowing that the reward was not in receiving but in the act of giving. He also learned that the kindness he showed to others would often be returned to him in other unexpected ways.

Question 1:

What did Jack have on his farm?

Question 2:

Who asked Jack for some food and water?

Question 3:

What did the travelers bring back for Jack?

Question 4:

What did Jack learn about giving?

Question 5:

How did Jack feel when the travelers brought him gifts?

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