Real English Conversation - 86 : Play ground

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Frank: I'm excited to play volleyball today.

Steve: Me too, we always have a good time. Do you think anyone else will be playing today?

Frank: I'm not sure, but it's more fun with more people. Let's warm up before we start playing.

Steve: Good idea, we don't want to pull any muscles. Do you want to do some practice serves first?

Frank: Sure, let's see if we can hit the target. Let's divide into teams so we can start playing.

Steve: Okay, who do you want on your team? Nice save, Frank! You're really good at this game.

Frank: Thanks, but we're a good team. That was a close one, we almost lost that point.

Steve: Yeah, but we didn't give up and that's what counts. We're winning, but let's not get overconfident.

Frank: Agreed, we still need to play our best to win. I'm getting tired, do you want to take a break?

Steve: Sure, let's grab some water and sit for a bit. That was a great game, we should do this again soon.

Frank: Definitely, I had a lot of fun.

Question 1:

What are Frank and Steve good at playing?

Question 2:

What did Frank suggest they do before playing?

Question 3:

What did Steve want to do before starting the game?

Question 4:

What did Frank suggest they do when he got tired?

Question 5:

What did Steve and Frank want to do again soon?

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