Real English Conversation - 82 : Outdoor camping

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Brito: Samanta, what do you think about going camping this weekend?

Samanta: That sounds like fun! Where do you want to go?

Brito: I was thinking of going to the state park near our house. It has a lot of great hiking trails and campsites.

Samanta: That sounds perfect. Do we need to reserve a campsite?

Brito: Yes, we should reserve a campsite ahead of time to make sure we have a spot. I'll take care of that today.

Samanta: What should we bring with us on the camping trip?

Brito: We'll need a tent, sleeping bags, a cooler with food and drinks, cooking supplies, and plenty of warm clothes.

Samanta: What about a campfire? Can we have one at our campsite?

Brito: Yes, we can have a campfire as long as there aren't any fire restrictions due to dry weather. We'll need to bring firewood and matches or a lighter.

Brito: We should also bring a first aid kit, bug spray, sunscreen, and a map of the area. And don't forget to bring your camera, there will be lots of great photo opportunities!

Samanta: What if it rains while we're camping?

Brito: We should bring a tarp or canopy to set up over our campsite, and make sure our tent is waterproof. We can also bring some indoor activities like books or games to do if it's too wet to go outside.

Samanta: How about bathroom facilities? Are there any at the campsite?

Brito: Yes, most campsites have bathroom facilities like showers and toilets. We can also bring some wet wipes or hand sanitizer just in case.We should also be respectful of the wildlife and leave no trace of our campsite when we leave. That means cleaning up all of our trash and not disturbing any plants or animals.

Samanta: I can't wait to go camping! This is going to be a great adventure.

Brito: I'm looking forward to it too. It's always fun to get outside and enjoy nature.

Question 1:

Where does Brito suggest they go camping?

Question 2:

What items should they bring with them on the camping trip?

Question 3:

What should they bring to make sure their campsite stays dry if it rains?

Question 4:

What should they be careful to do when they leave their campsite?

Question 5:

Why should they bring a first aid kit, bug spray, and sunscreen on their camping trip?

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