Real English Conversation - 7 : Big Sale

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Amanda: I can't wait for the big sale next week. Are you going to go?

Julie: Yes, I'm planning to. I need to get a new phone.

Amanda: I'm looking for some new appliances for my home.

Julie: Oh, what are you thinking of getting?

Amanda: I need a new refrigerator and a dishwasher.

Julie: You should check out the deals at the electronics store.

Amanda: That's a good idea. Do you know if they have any discounts on electronics?

Julie: They usually do during the sale.

Julie: What kind of phone are you looking for?

Amanda: I'm not sure, I just want one with a good camera.

Julie: I heard the new Samsung phone has a great camera.

Amanda: I'll have to check it out.

Amanda: Do you know what other electronics are on sale?

Julie: I heard they have discounts on laptops and TVs too.

Julie: I'm hoping to get a good deal on a new plan too.

Amanda: Have you compared prices with other providers?

Julie: Yes, but I want to wait until the sale to see if they have any special offers.

Amanda: I'm thinking of getting a smart TV for my living room.

Julie: That's a great idea. You can watch all your favorite shows.

Amanda: Do you have any recommendations for a good brand?

Julie: I like LG, they have a lot of great features.

Julie: I'm also looking for a new laptop for work.

Amanda: You should get one with a good processor.

Julie: That's a good idea. I'll look for one with an Intel processor.

Amanda: I can't wait to see what other deals they have at the sale.

Julie: Me too, it's always exciting to see what's on offer.

Julie: We should go together and help each other find what we need.

Amanda: That's a great idea, I'd love to have your help.

Question 1:

What is Amanda looking for at the sale?

Question 2:

What is Julie planning to buy at the sale?

Question 3:

What does Amanda want in a new phone?

Question 4:

What brand does Julie like for TVs?

Question 5:

What does Julie want in a new laptop?

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