Real English Conversation - 15 : Christmas

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Steve: Hey Charlie, how are you doing?

Charlie: I'm good, Steve. How about you?

Steve: I'm good too. I was just thinking about our plans for Christmas.

Charlie: Yeah, me too. I'm really looking forward to it.

Steve: Me too. It's been a while since we've all been together.

Charlie: Have you talked to Mom and Dad about when they're coming?

Steve: Yeah, they're planning to come a few days before Christmas.

Charlie: That's great. We should plan a family dinner.

Steve: That's a good idea. Do you want to do it at our place?

Charlie: Sure, we can do it at our place.

Steve: I was thinking we could have a potluck dinner. Everyone can bring something.

Charlie: That's a good idea. I'll make my famous lasagna.

Steve: And I'll make my special mashed potatoes.

Charlie: We should also plan some activities.

Steve: How about we all go ice skating?

Charlie: That sounds like fun. We should also play some board games.

Steve: Yeah, we can have a game night.

Charlie: Do you think we should get a Christmas tree?

Steve: Absolutely. We should decorate it together as a family.

Charlie: This is going to be the best Christmas ever!

Question 1:

What are Steve and Charlie's plans for Christmas?

Question 2:

When are their parents planning to come for Christmas?

Question 3:

Where are they planning to have the family dinner?

Question 4:

What activity are they planning to do together?

Question 5:

Are they planning to decorate a Christmas tree?

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