Real English Conversation - 6 : Beach

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Patrick: Wow, the sunrise is amazing this morning.

Lucy: It's beautiful. I'm so glad we woke up early to see it.

Patrick: I'm going to take some photos. Do you want to come with me?

Lucy: Sure, I'd love to.

Patrick: Look at all the other people taking photos too.

Lucy: I know, it's a popular spot for sunrise photos.

Patrick: I wonder how many people come here every morning.

Lucy: Probably a lot, judging by the number of people here today.

Patrick: Do you want to go for a swim after we take some photos?

Lucy: Not yet, I want to enjoy the sunrise for a little longer.

Patrick: Fair enough. It's so peaceful here, isn't it?

Lucy: Yes, it's the perfect place to relax.

Patrick: I love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Lucy: It's so calming. I could listen to it all day.

Patrick: Do you want to go for a walk along the beach?

Lucy: That sounds like a great idea.

Patrick: Look at all the different colors in the sky.

Lucy: I know, it's like a painting.

Patrick: This is such a romantic spot, don't you think?

Lucy: Definitely. It's a great place for a date.

Patrick: I'm getting hungry. Do you want to grab some breakfast?

Lucy: Sure, there's a cafe nearby that looks good.

Patrick: This beach is so clean and well-maintained.

Lucy: Yes, it's nice to see that people are taking care of it.

Patrick: I'm going to rent a paddleboard and go out on the water.

Lucy: Have fun. I'll stay on the beach and read a book.

Patrick: Look, there's a group of dolphins out in the water!

Lucy: That's amazing. I've never seen dolphins in the wild before.

Patrick: I wish we could stay here forever.

Lucy: Me too. It's such a peaceful and beautiful place.

Question 1:

What time of day is it at the beach?

Question 2:

What does Patrick suggest they do after taking photos?

Question 3:

What does Lucy say about the sound of the waves?

Question 4:

What does Patrick see out in the water?

Question 5:

What does Lucy do while Patrick rents a paddleboard?

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