Real English Conversation - 2 : Amusement park

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Alex: This is such a cool amusement park, don't you think?

Emily: I know, I'm having so much fun! Which ride do you want to go on next?

Alex: Hmm, let's try that rollercoaster over there. It looks like it goes really fast.

Emily: That one? I don't know, it looks pretty scary.

Alex: Come on, it'll be fun! And it's only $10 per person.

Emily: Okay, you talked me into it. Let's go see if there's a line.

Alex: Awesome, let's do it! So, are you here with your friends?

Emily: Yeah, I came with a group of people. What about you?

Alex: Same here. I'm here with a bunch of my college friends. We've been planning this trip for weeks.

Emily: That sounds like a lot of fun. So, what brings you to town?

Alex: We just wanted to take a break from our busy lives and do something different for a change. Plus, we heard this amusement park was really cool.

Emily: That's a great idea. I'm actually here on vacation. My family and I are staying at a beach house nearby.

Alex: Oh, that's awesome. I love the beach. Do you have any plans for tomorrow?

Emily: Yeah, we're planning to spend the whole day at the beach. We might do some surfing and have a bonfire at night.

Alex: That sounds like so much fun! I've always wanted to try surfing, but I'm not very good at it.

Emily: Don't worry, it's not that hard once you get the hang of it. You should come with us tomorrow and give it a try.

Alex: I might just do that. Thanks for the invitation!

Emily: No problem, the more the merrier. So, what other rides have you been on today?

Alex: Let's see, we did the ferris wheel, the bumper cars, and the water slide. What about you?

Emily: I did the merry-go-round, the haunted house, and the log flume. I got soaked on that one!

Alex: Ha, that's hilarious. You're a good sport for going on that ride.

Emily: Thanks, I like to live on the edge. So, what ride do you want to try after the rollercoaster?

Alex: How about that giant swing over there? It looks pretty intense.

Emily: Yikes, that looks crazy. But what the heck, we only live once!

Question 1:

What is Emily's response when Alex suggests they try the rollercoaster?

Question 2:

What is the price for the rollercoaster ride?

Question 3:

What is the reason Alex gives for coming to the amusement park?

Question 4:

What activity does Emily invite Alex to do with her and her family the next day?

Question 5:

What ride do Alex and Emily agree to try after the rollercoaster?

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