10 Lines Short Stories With Moral : 67. There's no place like home



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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Emily who loved to travel to different places. She visited many countries and saw many amazing sights. However, no matter where she went, she always missed her home. One day, Emily decided to return home after a long trip. As soon as she arrived, she felt a sense of comfort and familiarity. Her family greeted her warmly and she hugged them tightly. She was so happy to be back in her own room, surrounded by her favorite things. Emily realized that although traveling was exciting and fun, there was truly no place like home. Home was where she felt safe, loved and comfortable. It was where she had memories and connections with her loved ones. From that day on, Emily appreciated her home even more and made sure to cherish every moment she spent there. The proverb "There's no place like home" became a mantra for Emily, reminding her that no matter how far she went, home was always the place where her heart belonged.

Question 1:

What did Emily love to do?

Question 2:

How did Emily feel when she arrived home?

Question 3:

What did Emily feel when she saw her family?

Question 4:

What did Emily realize after returning home?

Question 5:

What did the proverb "There's no place like home" become for Emily?

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