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Brian: Hey Sameera, have you ever ordered anything online before?

Sameera: No, I haven't. How do I do it?

Brian: First, you need to find a reliable online shopping website. I recommend Amazon or Walmart.

Sameera: OK, I'll check those out.

Brian: Once you find something you want to buy, click on the item and read the description and reviews to make sure it's what you want.

Sameera: Got it. I'll be careful to read everything.

Brian: Next, you need to choose the size and color if applicable, and add it to your cart.

Sameera: OK, and then what?

Brian: After you add everything you want to buy to your cart, go to the checkout page and fill in your shipping and billing information.

Sameera: Do I need to make an account to do this?

Brian: Some websites require you to make an account, while others let you check out as a guest. Either way, you'll need to enter your shipping and billing information.

Brian: Make sure to double-check your order before you click on the submit button. You don't want to accidentally order the wrong thing or the wrong size.

Sameera: I'll be careful to check everything before I order.

Brian: After you submit your order, you should receive an email confirmation with the details of your purchase and estimated delivery date.

Sameera: That's helpful. How long does it usually take for things to arrive?

Brian: It depends on the shipping option you choose. Some websites offer free shipping that can take up to a week or more, while others offer faster shipping for an additional fee.

Question 1:

What are some reliable online shopping websites that Brian recommends to Sameera?

Question 2:

What should Sameera do before adding something to her cart?

Question 3:

Does Sameera need to make an account to order things online?

Question 4:

Has Sameera ever ordered anything online before?

Question 5:

How long does it usually take for things to arrive after Sameera submits her order?

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