Real English Conversation - 8 : Birthday party

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Joseph: This party is going to be big. What do you think we should wear?

Diana: I was thinking of wearing my black dress. What about you?

Joseph: I was thinking of wearing my navy blue suit. Do you think that's too formal?

Diana: No, I think that would be perfect for the occasion.

Joseph: What gift do you think we should get for Harry's friend?

Diana: How about a toy car? I heard he likes playing with them.

Joseph: That's a good idea. Do you think we should get anything else to go with it?

Diana: Maybe a book or a coloring set?

Joseph: Sounds good. Let's go to the toy store and pick those up.

Diana: Okay, but let's make sure we don't get anything too expensive.

Joseph: Definitely. We don't want to spend too much money on a gift.

Diana: Agreed. Let's keep it simple but thoughtful.

Joseph: While we're at it, do you want to get some chocolates for the party?

Diana: Sure, we can pick up a box of assorted chocolates.

Joseph: Sounds good. We should also check if there are any dietary restrictions we should be aware of.

Diana: Good point. Let's check with the parents before we buy anything.

Joseph: Do you think we should bring anything else to the party?

Diana: Maybe some balloons or decorations?

Joseph: That's a good idea. Let's pick up a few balloons on the way to the party.

Diana: And we can also make a card for Harry's friend.

Joseph: That's a great idea. We can make it a fun activity with Harry.

Diana: Yes, and he can draw something on the card too.

Joseph: Harry seems really excited for the party.

Diana: Yes, he's been talking about it all week.

Joseph: I'm glad he's making friends at school.

Diana: Me too. It's good to see him enjoying himself.

Joseph: Do you think we should bring a camera to the party?

Diana: Yes, we should take some pictures to remember the occasion.

Joseph: Agreed. It's going to be a fun day.

Diana: Yes, I'm looking forward to it.

Question 1:

What gift do Joseph and Diana plan to buy for Harry's friend?

Question 2:

What color is Diana's dress for the party?

Question 3:

What do Joseph and Diana plan to buy at the toy store?

Question 4:

What else do Joseph and Diana plan to bring to the party?

Question 5:

What does Joseph think of Harry's friendships at school?

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