Real English Conversation - 53 : Historical place

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John: This place is amazing. Look at all the history here!

Emi: I know, it's so cool. I've always wanted to come here.

John: What do you want to see first?

Emi: Let's check out the oldest building first.

John: Good idea. I heard it was built in the 1700s.

Emi: That's incredible. It's hard to believe people lived here so long ago.

John: Yeah, it really puts things in perspective.

Emi: Look at these old tools and artifacts. It's amazing how different life was back then.

John: Absolutely. It's a good reminder of how far we've come.

Emi: I wonder what this place was like during the war.

John: I bet it was chaotic. It's hard to imagine what it must have been like to live through that.

Emi: It's really important to remember our history and learn from it.

John: I totally agree. We can learn a lot from the past.

Emi: Wow, look at these old documents. I wonder what they say.

John: It would be interesting to read them and learn more about the people who lived here.

Emi: Definitely. I'm glad we came here to see this.

John: Me too. It's really fascinating.

Emi: Hey, do you want to go grab something to eat?

John: Sure, I'm getting pretty hungry.

Emi: Let's go find a nice little restaurant and continue exploring.

Question 1:

Who are the two people having a conversation?

Question 2:

What is the first thing Emi wants to see at the historical place?

Question 3:

What does John say about the age of the oldest building?

Question 4:

What do John and Emi say about the importance of history?

Question 5:

What do John and Emi plan to do after exploring the historical place?

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