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Jimmy: Hi, I'd like to get a haircut, please.

Hairdresser: Of course, would you like to try something new or keep it the same?

Jimmy: I'm thinking of trying a new style, maybe something shorter on the sides and longer on top.

Hairdresser: Great, do you have a picture of what you have in mind?

Jimmy: Yes, I brought a photo with me.

Hairdresser: Okay, let me take a look. That style would work well with your face shape.

Jimmy: Sounds good, let's do it.

Hairdresser: Would you like any hair products to style it with?

Jimmy: Just a little bit of hair wax, please.

Hairdresser: Alright, all done. What do you think?

Jimmy: I love it, thank you!

Hairdresser: You're welcome. Would you like me to trim your beard as well?

Jimmy: Yes, please, just a little bit off the sides.

Hairdresser: No problem, let me get the trimmers.

Jimmy: Can I also get a hot towel shave?

Hairdresser: Of course, that will be an additional charge. Would you like that before or after your haircut?

Jimmy: Before, please.

Hairdresser: Alright, let me set that up for you.

Jimmy: This salon has a really nice atmosphere. How long have you been working here?

Hairdresser: Thank you, I've been working here for 5 years now.

Question 1:

What is Jimmy's desired haircut style?

Question 2:

What hair product does Jimmy want to use?

Question 3:

Does Jimmy like his new haircut?

Question 4:

Does Jimmy want a beard trim as well?

Question 5:

Does Jimmy want a hot towel shave?

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