Real English Conversation - 50 : Halloween

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John: Hey Karen, are you doing anything for Halloween this year?

Karen: Not sure yet, what were you thinking?

John: I was thinking of having a costume party at my house.

Karen: That sounds like fun, what's the dress code?

John: Costumes are mandatory, but you can wear whatever you want.

Karen: Do you have any costume ideas?

John: I was thinking of going as a vampire. How about you?

Karen: I was thinking of dressing up as a mermaid.

John: Great choices. Do you want to help me plan the party?

Karen: Sure, I'd be happy to.

John: We should have some spooky decorations, like cobwebs and fake spiders.

Karen: And we can have some Halloween-themed snacks and drinks.

John: What about games? Should we have any?

Karen: Yeah, we could have a pumpkin-carving contest or a costume contest.

John: Those are great ideas. Do you want to help me send out the invitations?

Karen: Sure, we can do that over the weekend.

John: I heard that there's a haunted house in town, do you want to go check it out?

Karen: I'm not sure, I'm not really good with scary things.

John: Come on, it'll be fun. I'll protect you.

Karen: Okay, you talked me into it.

Question 1:

What does John want to do for Halloween?

Question 2:

What does Karen want to dress up as?

Question 3:

What decorations do John and Karen want to have at the party?

Question 4:

What contest ideas do John and Karen come up with?

Question 5:

How does Karen feel about going to a haunted house?

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