Real English Conversation - 47 : Graduation day

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Jimmy: I'm so happy for you, son. How are you feeling today?

Andrew: Thanks, Dad. I feel amazing. It's great to have made it this far.

Jimmy: What are your plans now that you're a graduate?

Andrew: I'm going to start looking for jobs in my field, but first, I want to take a little break.

Jimmy: I'm impressed by how hard you worked to get here. What motivated you?

Andrew: I just knew I wanted to succeed and make you and Mom proud.

Jimmy: Do you remember when we used to help you with your homework?

Andrew: Of course, Dad. You helped me so much. I couldn't have done it without you.

Jimmy: This day is all about you, son. What would you like to do to celebrate?

Andrew: I was thinking we could go out to dinner as a family and maybe watch a movie.

Jimmy: Your graduation ceremony was so beautiful. Which part did you like the most?

Andrew: I loved seeing all my classmates in their graduation gowns. We all looked so professional and grown-up.

Jimmy: I can't believe you're already a college graduate. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Andrew: I would tell myself to enjoy the journey and not to stress so much about grades. The most important thing is to learn and grow.

Jimmy: What are your plans for the future, Andrew?

Andrew: I want to continue learning and growing in my field. And eventually, I want to give back to the community by volunteering my time.

Jimmy: What was your favorite subject in college?

Andrew: I really enjoyed my sociology classes. I learned so much about society and human behavior.

Jimmy: I'm so proud of you, Andrew. What are you most proud of accomplishing during your time in college?

Andrew: I'm proud of completing my degree and all the hard work I put into it. And I'm also proud of the relationships I built with my professors and classmates.

Question 1:

What does Andrew plan to do after graduation?

Question 2:

What did Andrew enjoy the most about his graduation ceremony?

Question 3:

What advice would Andrew give to his younger self?

Question 4:

What is Andrew's favorite subject in college?

Question 5:

What is Andrew most proud of accomplishing during his time in college?

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