Real English Conversation - 46 : Gas station

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Jimmy: Excuse me, could you help me fill up my car with gas?

Attendant: Of course, sir. Which pump are you parked at?

Jimmy: Pump number three.

Attendant: Alright, let me grab the pump and I'll be right there.

Jimmy: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Attendant: No problem, sir. Is this your first time filling up here?

Jimmy: Yeah, I just moved to the area.

Attendant: Well, we're happy to have you as a customer. Do you know what kind of gas your car takes?

Jimmy: Yeah, it takes regular unleaded.

Attendant: Great, I'll set the pump to regular unleaded then. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Jimmy: No, that's it. Thank you again.

Attendant: You're welcome. Do you need a receipt?

Jimmy: No, thank you.

Attendant: Alright, have a good day!

Jimmy: You too. Hey, excuse me, could you help me? I'm not sure how to use this pump.

Attendant: Sure thing, sir. What do you need help with?

Jimmy: I'm not sure how to turn it on.

Attendant: Oh, okay. You just need to insert your credit card here and follow the instructions on the screen.

Jimmy: Got it. Thank you so much.

Question 1:

What does Jimmy need help with at the gas station?

Question 2:

What pump is Jimmy parked at?

Question 3:

What type of gas does Jimmy's car take?

Question 4:

Does Jimmy need a receipt?

Question 5:

What is the attendant's attitude toward Jimmy?

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