Real English Conversation - 41 : Foot ball

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Steve: Hey Alicia, did you hear about the football match this weekend?

Alicia: No, what match are you talking about?

Steve: It's the Super Bowl! The biggest football game of the year.

Alicia: Oh, I've heard of that. Who's playing this year?

Steve: The Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It's going to be a great game!

Alicia: Do you have any plans for watching it?

Steve: I was thinking of having a few friends over to watch it. You're welcome to come too if you want.

Alicia: That sounds like fun. What time does it start?

Steve: The game starts at 6

Alicia: What should I bring to the party?

Steve: You don't need to bring anything. I'll take care of the food and drinks.

Alicia: Okay, thanks. Who are you rooting for in the game?

Steve: I'm cheering for the Chiefs. What about you?

Alicia: I don't really have a preference. I just hope it's a good game.

Steve: It's definitely going to be a good game. The Chiefs have a great offense, but the Buccaneers have a strong defense.

Alicia: I'm not very familiar with the teams. Who are the star players?

Steve: For the Chiefs, it's definitely Patrick Mahomes. He's the quarterback and he's one of the best in the league. And for the Buccaneers, there's Tom Brady. He's won seven Super Bowls, so he's definitely a legend.

Alicia: Wow, that's impressive. I'll have to keep an eye out for them during the game.

Steve: Definitely. And don't forget the halftime show. The Weeknd is performing this year.

Alicia: Oh, I love his music. This is going to be a great party.

Question 1:

What is the name of the big football game that Steve and Alicia are discussing?

Question 2:

Which two teams are playing in the Super Bowl this year?

Question 3:

What time does the Super Bowl game start?

Question 4:

Who is Steve rooting for in the game?

Question 5:

Who is performing at the halftime show during the Super Bowl game?

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