Real English Conversation - 36 : Favourite Youtuber

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Alex: I've been really into MrBeast's videos lately. Have you heard of him?

Mark: Yeah, I know him! He's really popular. What kind of videos does he make?

Alex: He makes a lot of challenge videos, donation videos, and sometimes gaming videos. I really like MrBeast's personality. He's really funny and his generosity is amazing.

Mark: Yeah, he's definitely made a name for himself on YouTube. How did you find out about MrBeast?

Alex: I was recommended one of his videos and got hooked. MrBeast has a really active community, and I enjoy interacting with other fans.

Mark: That sounds like a fun community to be a part of. Do you ever watch other YouTubers in the same genre?

Alex: Sometimes, but I always come back to MrBeast. I've even gone to a few of his live shows. It's amazing to see him perform in person.

Mark: That's awesome. I've never been to a live show like that. Does MrBeast have any other projects or merchandise outside of YouTube?

Alex: Yeah, he has a line of merchandise and has even done a few collaborations with other brands. I think the reason I like MrBeast so much is because he's really generous and always tries to make the world a better place.

Mark: That's a good quality to have as a content creator.I'll have to check out more of his videos. Thanks for the recommendation!

Alex: No problem. Let me know what you think.

Question 1:

What kind of videos does MrBeast make?

Question 2:

What is one notable thing that MrBeast is known for?

Question 3:

What type of community does MrBeast have?

Question 4:

Does MrBeast have any other projects or merchandise outside of YouTube?

Question 5:

What is one quality that Alex admires about MrBeast?

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