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Alex: I had a speech problem when I was younger, but my favorite teacher helped me overcome it.

Wife: That's amazing! How did she help you? What was your teacher like?

Alex: She was kind, patient, and always encouraged me to keep practicing. I was really shy when I was younger, but my teacher helped me gain confidence in myself.

Wife: That's great. You're such a confident speaker now! What made your teacher stand out from your other teachers?

Alex: She always went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable and confident in class. My teacher never made me feel bad about my speech problem. She always made me feel like it was something I could overcome.

Wife: It's so important to have supportive teachers like that. Have you ever talked to your teacher since then?

Alex: No, I haven't seen her in years. But I'll always remember her kindness and support. My teacher also helped me discover my love for writing. She encouraged me to write stories and poems.

Wife: That's so cool! I had no idea you liked writing. Do you think your speech problem would have gone away without your teacher's help?

Alex: Maybe, but it would have taken me a lot longer to overcome it. My teacher really helped speed up the process. I think my teacher was the reason I became interested in education. I want to be able to help students the way she helped me.

Wife: That's a great goal to have. I'm sure you'll be an amazing teacher. It's so important for teachers to recognize and support their students' individual needs.

Alex: I totally agree. That's why I have so much respect for my favorite teacher.

Question 1:

What did Alex's favorite teacher help him with?

Question 2:

What was Alex's favorite teacher like?

Question 3:

What did Alex's teacher encourage him to do?

Question 4:

What did Alex's teacher help him discover?

Question 5:

What does Alex want to do because of his favorite teacher?

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