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John: Iron man is my favourite hero. He has a cool suit and amazing technology.

Jack: But Batman doesn't need any fancy gadgets. He is a master of martial arts and uses his intelligence to fight crime.

John: Iron man's suit is so powerful. He can fly and shoot lasers.

Jack: But Batman's utility belt has everything he needs, from batarangs to grappling hooks.

John: Iron man has a great sense of humour. He's always making witty comments.

Jack: But Batman is mysterious and brooding, which makes him more intriguing.

John: Iron man is a genius inventor. He's created so many amazing things.

Jack: But Batman is a detective, and his detective skills are unmatched.

John: Iron man has a lot of heart. He's a hero who is willing to make sacrifices for others.

Jack: But Batman has a tragic past, which makes him more relatable and human.

John: Iron man is a founding member of the Avengers. He's a team player.

Jack: But Batman is a loner, and he doesn't need anyone else to get the job done.

John: Iron man has faced some tough villains, like Thanos and Mandarin.

Jack: But Batman's rogues gallery is legendary, with foes like Joker, Two-Face, and Riddler.

John: Iron man has a great supporting cast, like Pepper Potts and War Machine.

Jack: But Batman has an iconic ally in Robin, as well as Commissioner Gordon and Alfred.

John: Iron man is a symbol of modern technology and progress.

Jack: But Batman is a symbol of justice and the fight against corruption.

John: Iron man is just plain cool. He's got the looks and the personality.

Jack: But Batman is the Dark Knight, and he represents the best of humanity in the face of adversity.

Question 1:

Who is John's favourite hero?

Question 2:

Why does John like Iron man?

Question 3:

Who is Jack's favourite hero?

Question 4:

What is Batman's greatest asset?

Question 5:

What does Batman represent?

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