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Sam: Switzerland is my favorite destination for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities.

Andrea: I've always wanted to go there, but Paris is my favorite for its culture and history. I love the food in Paris, especially the pastries and cheese.

Sam: Swiss chocolate and fondue are definitely some of my favorites too. In Switzerland, I love going hiking in the Alps and taking scenic train rides.

Andrea: In Paris, I love exploring the museums and historic landmarks. I think Paris is the fashion capital of the world, with so many stylish people and boutiques.

Sam: Switzerland has its own charm with its classic and timeless fashion. The architecture in Switzerland is breathtaking, with so many charming villages and castles.

Andrea: Paris has amazing architecture too, with its famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame. I love the atmosphere in Paris, with its street performers, artists, and cafes.

Sam: Switzerland is more known for its tranquility and nature, but there are still plenty of charming towns and festivals to visit. Switzerland is a great place for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

Andrea: Paris may not have snow sports, but it has great holiday markets and Christmas lights. Paris is a great place for romance, with its beautiful parks and romantic cafes.

Sam: Switzerland has its own romance with its picturesque landscapes and cozy mountain retreats. I think Switzerland has some of the cleanest and most efficient cities in the world.

Andrea: Paris may be busy and crowded, but it's still a charming and iconic city. I love that Paris has such a rich art and music scene, with so many famous museums and concerts.

Sam: Switzerland may not have as much of a famous arts scene, but it has its own vibrant music festivals and theater productions.

Question 1:

What is Sam's favorite destination?

Question 2:

What is Andrea's favorite thing about Paris?

Question 3:

What is Sam's favorite thing about Switzerland?

Question 4:

What is Andrea's favorite thing about Paris for romance?

Question 5:

What is one thing Sam and Andrea agree on about their favorite destinations?

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