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John: Did you hear about the latest political scandal?

Sophia: No, what happened? I read that there was a major earthquake in Japan.

John: That's terrible. I hope everyone is okay. Have you been following the news on the COVID-19 pandemic?

Sophia: Yes, it's been a major story for over a year now. Did you see the news about the new vaccine that's being developed?

John: Yes, it's promising news that could help us control the spread of the virus. I heard that there were major protests in several cities across the country.

Sophia: Yes, people are really upset about the issue and demanding change. Did you see the story about the record-breaking heatwave?

John: Yes, it's another sign of the growing climate crisis. Have you been following the space mission to Mars?

Sophia: Yes, it's exciting to see humans exploring other planets. Did you hear about the new breakthrough in renewable energy?

John: Yes, it's an important step towards a more sustainable future. I read that there's a new movie that's breaking box office records.

Sophia: Oh, which one is it? Did you hear that the economy is starting to recover from the pandemic?

John: That's good news. Hopefully, it will continue to improve.

Question 1:

What is the major story that has been in the news for over a year?

Question 2:

What is the breakthrough in renewable energy that was in the news?

Question 3:

What is the record-breaking heatwave a sign of?

Question 4:

What country did the major earthquake occur in?

Question 5:

What is the name of the new vaccine that's being developed?

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