Real English Conversation - 21 : Credit card

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Agent: Hi Alex, how can I assist you today?

Alex: I'm interested in learning more about your credit cards.

Agent: We have a variety of credit cards with different benefits, which one are you interested in?

Alex: Can you please give me an overview of all the cards available?

Agent: Sure, we have a cashback card, a rewards card, a low-interest rate card, a travel card, and a premium card.

Alex: Can you tell me more about the cashback card?

Agent: The cashback card offers 5% cashback on all purchases.

Alex: That sounds good. What about the rewards card?

Agent: The rewards card offers points for every purchase that can be redeemed for various rewards like gift cards, travel, or merchandise.

Alex: What are the benefits of the low-interest rate card?

Agent: The low-interest rate card has a low annual fee and interest rate, making it a good option for those looking to save on interest charges.

Alex: And the travel card?

Agent: The travel card comes with travel-related benefits such as free lounge access, travel insurance, and airline miles.

Alex: And the premium card?

Agent: The premium card offers exclusive benefits such as a dedicated personal concierge, access to premium airport lounges, and higher credit limits.

Agent: All our credit cards come with 24/7 customer support and fraud protection.

Alex: That's reassuring. Can you tell me how to apply for a card?

Agent: You can apply for a credit card online, over the phone, or by visiting one of our branches.

Question 1:

Which of the following credit cards offers 5% cashback?

Question 2:

Which of the following credit cards is best for those looking to save on interest charges?

Question 3:

What are the benefits of the travel card?

Question 4:

Which credit card offers a dedicated personal concierge?

Question 5:

How can you apply for a credit card?

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