Real English Conversation - 16 : Christmas lights

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Jack: Look at those lights, they are amazing!

Emma: Wow, this street is fully decorated.

Jack: That's a giant snowman!

Emma: Oh, that's a reindeer over there.

Jack: Look at the lights on that tree.

Emma: I love the blue and white color scheme.

Jack: Let's drive around and see if there are more decorations.

Emma: Yes, let's explore other streets.

Jack: This is so festive, I love it.

Emma: I can't wait for Christmas day.

Jack: We should come back here with our family and friends.

Emma: Yes, it will be a great idea.

Jack: Let's take a video of this decoration.

Emma: Good idea, we can watch it later.

Jack: The owners of this house must have worked hard on the decoration.

Emma: Yes, it looks like they have put a lot of effort into it.

Jack: Do you have any favorite decoration so far?

Emma: I like the one with the candy cane.

Jack: I think the one with the Christmas train is pretty cool.

Emma: That was a great idea to go for a drive and see these lights.

Question 1:

What did Jack and Emma see on the decorated street?

Question 2:

What was the color scheme of the lights?

Question 3:

What did Jack suggest they do with their family and friends?

Question 4:

What did Emma record with Jack's suggestion?

Question 5:

Which decoration did Emma like the most?

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