Real English Conversation - 13 : Childhood friend

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Daniel: Do you remember the time we got in trouble for sneaking out of class?

James: Yeah, we thought we were so sneaky! I can't believe how much our school has changed since we were there.

Daniel: I know, it's so different now. Remember the time we played that game in the park and got so dirty?

James: That was so much fun, we didn't care how dirty we got. Did you ever stay in touch with our old friends from school?

Daniel: Some of them, but I lost touch with a lot of them over the years. Do you still have that old toy car we used to play with?

James: I think my younger brother might have taken it, I'm not sure. Remember how we used to play basketball in your backyard all the time?

Daniel: Yeah, those were some good times.Did you ever have a crush on any of our classmates?

James: Yeah, I did, but I never told them! Do you still have that old comic book collection we used to read together?

Daniel: I do, it's still one of my prized possessions. Do you remember the time we got lost in the woods and had to find our way back home?

James: That was scary at the time, but it's a good memory now. Do you ever miss those carefree days of childhood?

Daniel: Sometimes I do, but I'm also happy with where I am now in life.

Question 1:

What did Daniel and James talk about?

Question 2:

Did James keep in touch with all their school friends?

Question 3:

What did they used to play in the park?

Question 4:

Did James ever have a crush on one of their classmates?

Question 5:

Does Daniel still have their old comic book collection?

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