Real English Conversation - 19 : Cofee shop

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George: Hi, can you suggest me some good coffee here?

Waiter: Sure, would you like a latte, cappuccino, or americano?

George: I think I'll go with a latte, how much is it?

Waiter: A small latte is $3.50, and a large is $4.50.

George: I'll take a large latte, please.

Waiter: Would you like any flavoring added to it?

George: Yes, can I add vanilla flavoring to it?

Waiter: Of course, that's no problem.

George: Can I also get a croissant to go with my coffee?

Waiter: Certainly, would you like it heated up?

George: Yes, please. This is a great coffee, what kind of beans do you use?

Waiter: We use a locally-roasted blend of Arabica beans.

George: That's really interesting, I'm a coffee enthusiast and always looking for new roasts to try. Thank you for your great service, I'll definitely be coming back.

Question 1:

What did George order at the coffee shop?

Question 2:

How much did George's large latte cost?

Question 3:

Did George order a croissant with his coffee?

Question 4:

Did George add any flavoring to his latte?

Question 5:

What kind of beans did the coffee shop use for their coffee?

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