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Alex: Hey Emma, how's it going at work?

Emma: It's good, just a bit hectic. How about you?

Emma: Do you find it hard to balance work and personal life?

Alex: Yeah, it can be tough sometimes.

Alex: I've been trying to stay healthy lately. How about you?

Emma: Same here. I've been trying to go for a run every morning.

Emma: Have you seen the new project we've been assigned to?

Alex: Yeah, it looks interesting. What do you think?

Alex: I'm having trouble with this particular task. Can you help me out?

Emma: Sure, let's work on it together.

Emma: How do you manage to stay motivated at work?

Alex: I find that setting small goals for myself helps keep me on track.

Alex: Have you heard about the new training program our company is offering?

Emma: No, I haven't. What's it about?

Emma: Do you ever feel stressed out at work?

Alex: Yeah, sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Alex: I'm thinking of taking a few days off. Do you have any vacation plans?

Emma: Yeah, I'm planning on visiting my family next month.

Emma: Have you tried the new cafe down the street?

Alex: No, I haven't. Is it good?

Alex: I've been meaning to join a gym. Do you have any recommendations?

Emma: Yeah, I've been going to one near my apartment. It's pretty affordable.

Emma: Do you have any tips for staying organized at work?

Alex: I like to make to-do lists and prioritize tasks based on their urgency.

Alex: I feel like I've been sitting at my desk all day. Do you want to go for a walk during lunch break?

Emma: Sure, that sounds great.

Emma: What do you do to unwind after work?

Alex: I like to read or watch a movie to relax.

Alex: Do you ever feel like you're in a career rut?

Emma: Yeah, sometimes. But I try to stay positive and look for opportunities to grow.

Question 1:

What does Alex and Emma talk about?

Question 2:

How does Emma manage to stay healthy?

Question 3:

What does Alex do to stay motivated at work?

Question 4:

What does Emma suggest for staying organized at work?

Question 5:

What do Alex and Emma do during lunch break?

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