Real English Conversation - 17 : Cinema theatre

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Nelson: Hi, can you tell me how much a ticket for Avatar is?

Cashier: Of course, it's $15.99 for a regular 2D screening.

Nelson: Is there a discount for seniors or children?

Cashier: Yes, we offer a discounted price of $12.99 for children and seniors.

Nelson: How about 3D and IMAX screenings?

Cashier: Those are a bit more expensive. It's $19.99 for a 3D screening and $24.99 for an IMAX screening.

Nelson: How long is the movie?

Cashier: It's approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Nelson: Do you have any monthly passes available?

Cashier: Yes, we have a Scene card that gives you discounts on tickets and concessions.

Nelson: What about snacks?

Cashier: We have a variety of snacks available, from popcorn to candy to nachos.

Nelson: How much is a large popcorn?

Cashier: A large popcorn is $7.99.

Nelson: Can I bring my own snacks?

Cashier: Sorry, outside food and drinks are not allowed in the theatre.

Nelson: Can I reserve my seat online?

Cashier: Yes, you can reserve your seat through our website or mobile app.

Nelson: Thank you for your help!

Cashier: You're welcome, enjoy the movie!

Question 1:

How much does a regular 2D screening ticket cost?

Question 2:

What is the discounted price for children and seniors?

Question 3:

How much does an IMAX screening cost?

Question 4:

How long is the movie?

Question 5:

Can you bring your own snacks to the theatre?

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